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Mario Kart Party Ideas | Florida

Most recent Nintendo game Mario Kart Live is here in South Florida joining the MGE world. Now launching, Mario Kart Live racing party which includes a real racetrack, Nintendo switch to play and Luigi or Mario karts, so you can play Mario Kart in augmented reality.

It is so real you can throw bananas to your racing friends or boost your speed getting mushrooms. This is the perfect game for your next party because it is not only fun for kids but also adults love it. We can set up your racing party anywhere indoors but also in places like a garage for outdoors experience. Your party guests will be amazed on how this game used elements from the classic Mario Kart with innovative technology as augmented reality is. If you want to book with us make sure you ask us about Mario Kart party decorations.

Call or Text 954-408-1881 or E-Mail us at

Mario Kart Live Party Comes With:

  • 12 x 10 ft. Track

  • 4 Mario Kart Remote Control Cars

  • Attendant for the event to help with everything

  • 4 Nintendo Switches

  • 4 Foot Table

  • Able to add more cars if needed.

Make sure to check out everything else that we offer on our gallery page, click here for it!


Cities that we operate in:

  • Delray Beach

  • Miami Beach

  • Aventura

  • Parkland

  • Orlando

  • Tampa Bay

  • Naples

  • Sarasota

  • Fort Lauderdale

  • Miami

  • West Palm Beach

  • Coral Springs

  • Weston


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