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NERF Wars - Battles Party Rentals 786-423-8759

Text or Call 786-423-8759.  NERF Battles is a great way to have a party for ages 6 and up! Our company provides all of the equipment, can be setup indoor or outdoors, with attendants and much more. Create your own arena in areas like your backyard where the kids can have awesome battles against each other. Setup with the obstacles is done by us, along with everything else. 

Our NERF Guns are the best kind, they are battery powered, hold 100 ammo capacity, easy to reload as well. The balls go about 20 to 30 yards, doesn't hurt anyone at all. 

Providing jumbo inflatable obstacles and can even provide Fortnite themed inflatable obstacles upon request. All of this helps create a super fun arena for everyone to play in. 

There are packages to add on to make it a much bigger party, just call us at 786-423-8759 or email us at Setup your NERF Party near me.

Our compnay goes anywhere in Florida. To Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Naples, Fort Myers, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Parkland and many more cities. Call today!

Setup your NERF Party near me.

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