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Laser Tag Miami

Unleash the thrill of the ultimate laser tag experience right at your chosen venue in Florida! Mobile Gaming Events brings to you the exciting world of laser tag, making any event or occasion unforgettable. Whether it's a birthday bash, a corporate event, or just a fun weekend get-together, we've got you covered.

Our standard package offers 10 high-quality laser guns paired with 10 luminous chest plates that light up to amplify the gaming experience. But that's not all! For a seamless and exciting gameplay environment, we also provide inflatables that set the perfect backdrop for those hide-and-seek laser duels. To ensure safety, fair play, and loads of fun, our trained attendant will be present at the event to monitor the games and assist with setups.

Thinking of something bigger? Dive into our Laser Tag XL package, which comes with even more guns and inflatables to accommodate larger groups and amplify the fun.

For those looking to add a neon touch to their battles, we introduce the Blacklight option. Step into the arena donning neon yellow or neon orange jerseys, making the game pop under blacklight conditions.

To book your "Laser Tag Miami" experience or to get more details, give us a call at 954-408-1881 or drop us an email at Let the laser battles begin, and may the best team win!

We go anywhere in South Florida, Central Florida and parts of North Florida. 


Cities that we cater to: 

- Fort Lauderdale

- Orlando

- West Palm Beach

- Boca Raton

- Naples

- Jacksonville

- Gainesville

- Tampa Bay 

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