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Can provide a certificate of insurance for my venue?
Yes, our business is insured and can provide any certificate of insurance with an additional insured for your event. 
Do you rent individual party games?
Yes, different games vary in price, the more of our services you get the more we can discount on the price. 
How does the Photobooth work? 
We have an open air photobooth, with a highspeed printner, text & e-mail share, backdrops, and props. Check out our photobooth gallery. 
Do you have individual standing stations?
Yes we do, we can set the VR equipment on this or put any of our gaming consoles on it for up to 1 - 4 player fun. 
How many people can play VR at the same time?
One person at a time can play at each of our VR stations, we can have multiple stations.
Do you bring all the games?

We bring ALL the games everytime that we have listed for every event.

How many stations or TV's do you have?

Four LCD HD 34 inch TV's. We have 4 stations, 2 on each side.

What consoles do you have?

Playsation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

How many can play at the same time with the Video Game Party?

16 can play at the same time, 4 people per station.

How soon should I book?

As soon as possible, we tend to book up fast over the weeekends.

What kind of video gaming events  do you host?

Birthdays, conventions, corporate events, weddings, bar mitzvahs, school functions, charities, hang outs and any other reason you want to have our services at your next event. 
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