VIrtual Reality Rentals Florida

Virtual Reality Rentals in South Florida. We offer the most interesting party in Florida immerse yourself into a different world.  

Check out Videos Below That MGE can do for Your Next VR Event

What is Virtual Reality? 

It is an augmented world  where anything can be created, you can interact with your environment or simply watch a world around you in a 360 degree space. 

On an important note setup can be indoor or outdoor!

If you want your guests to play games like baseball, be on a roller coaster, drive a Ferrari, have a scary experience, enjoy an underwater adventure, fly a spaceship in space or any other incredible experience. Then give us a call. 786-423-8759

Check out some videos below to see how our virtual reality event rentals work. 

Our setup we can block off an area and give people enough space to move freely. People can watch on the side to see what it is that the person is doing on another screen at the event. We can set this up on a HD TV or set it up on a large projector, we also have uplighting to match any color theme for your event. The main goal for MGE is to have the most professional and awesome looking setup for your event so you can really impress your guests. 

Are you needing a special quote? Have a specific event? Contact us at (786) 423-8759 or e-mail

Locations that we go to:

  • Miami

  • Fort Lauderdale

  • Orlando

  • West Palm Beach

  • Tampa Bay 

  • Naples

  • Fort Myers

Click any of the VR many Experiences we provide

Click on the top left Button or click and hold the screen to move the camera around the camera - It: float - a cinematic experience 

See the worlds you can enter in Playstation vR 

Our oculus rift setup will just blow your mind with the depth of realism

Click on the top left Button or click and hold the screen to move the camera around the camera - 360 Rollercoaster

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