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Mario Kart Live Party Rental

954-408-1881 Mario Kart Live Party Rental is one of the coolest way to have a party this day and age for kids and adults! It's a completely unique experience that we create for your guests! It's like none other. 

Providng the 4 Karts, Nintendo Switches, the track, attendant and the fun! 

Call us or text us at 954-408-1881.

Setup can be indoor or outdoor. Just requires space for the setup. Call us to go over everyhting so that way we can make sure to setup it up for you. Mario Kart Live near me or in any of these cities Miami, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale West Palm Beach, or anywhere else in South Florida. 

Mario Kart Live Price

Orlando, MIami, Boca Raton, 

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