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Fowling Rentals in South Florida

The latest craze in sports is now arriving to South Florida to rent at your next event. If you are unfamiliar with the game it’s pretty simple. It’s basically Cornhole, football and bowling pins in one game. Each opponent would setup 10 pins on opposite sides on top of a board. Each opponent gets 2 footballs and 2 changes to throw at their opponents pins. The first person to knock down all 10 pins wins. It’s that simple. This can be played exactly like Cornhole but with footballs instead of bags and bowling pins to knock down. There can be a 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2.

Our company provides everything you would need in order to play the game. Providing the board, 20 bowling pins and 2 NFL size footballs. Call us today for rates and any questions that you may have 954-408-1881.

This service is great for any event outside or inside. The areas that this is best played are the same as for Cornhole. Anybody can play this game, kids or adults.

Really impress your guests with this brand new different service today.

Visit our website to see more options for services that we offer. Like Football Cornhole or Chipshot Cornhole. Don’t just stop at Fowling for your options in games.

Visit our website.

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Call or email us today to book this at your next event! 954-408-1881 -

Fowling Rentals in Florida, setup at your next event.
Fowling Rentals Near Me


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