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Mario Kart Live Racing Party Rental Florida

Text or Call 786-423-8759

Bringing you the best that Mario Kart Live can bring. Up to 4 Players can race at the same time and our company provides the 4 Nintendo Switches for the racing! Also providing 2 different sizes in race tracks! The best Mario Kart Party in all of Florida! This is the best kind of augmented reality racing that you can have at any kind of party.

Mario Kart Live Home Circuit is Perfect for Birthday Parties, Bar Mitzvahs, School Events, Corporate Events and more!

Here is everything that we provide:

Standard Size is 12.5 Feet and 9.8 Feet

Premium Size is 20 Feet and 13 Feet

Setup can be indoor or outdoor. Tents can be provided.

The current Karts that we have our Mario and Luigi. As new carts keep coming out we will be providing more options for our guests!

Make sure to contact us at text or call 786-423-8759 or e-mail us at


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