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Why Franchise with MGE?

About Us

   Mobile Gaming Events started in 2009 and has since been able to develop an effective business plan that is able to adapt to any kind of gaming event. We have improved aspects that are a core to our business and removed the things that did not work. MGE has been able to garner a large market share.

Growing Market Share

   It's evident that the video gaming industry is only getting bigger and better. Companies like MGE are becoming the new way to have a party in the 21st century.

   MGE has been able to seize a large market share in a short period of time by being innovative. We have been able to out think our competitors and beat them in price by having less overhead than  the typical video gaming bus.


   Keep It Super Simple. We believe in making our business as simple as possible so that we can offer the best experience possible to our clients. We don't believe in spreading ourselves so thin in which we are trying to offer everything for a party. Instead we perfect what our business was founded on which is having fun playing video games in a social setting. Franchising with us will be very simple and you will only have to master one skill, playing video games.

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